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Letterkenny - Season 8 Episode 5 - Yard Sale Saturday

Everybody’s dickering on Yard Sale Saturday.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jacob Tierney , Jared Keeso

Country: Canada

Episode: 52/54 eps

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.4

Season 8 - Letterkenny
"It’s Day Beers Day. Katy takes a trip."
"The Hicks help the Mennonites with some choring."
"Everybody’s dickering on Yard Sale Saturday."
"The Hockey Players start a club for men. The skids go to the city."
"Wayne’s American cousint’ plans a road trip south of the border."
"The Hicks continue to be there for their friend. The Hockey Players play Quebec. Stewart learns how to fight."
"The Hicks support Wayne. Reilly and Jonesy continue the hunt for the big ship. Stewart has made some changes."
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